Friday, July 26, 2013

Allies In Biz Prime Time Event Testimonial

Good Morning lovely ladies!  I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to host a Prime Time event for Allies in Biz, it was such a great experience.  You both were a wonderful resource for marketing the event and following through with the needs of the event. 

In my past experiences of hosting events at my office, the results and success have been intermittent and limited to say the least.  By no means do I strive in the promotion department.  Now with my office seeing a good amount of patients, events such as these have become even more important and more difficult to find the time for all the planning and promotion, not to mention the stress of the actual event.  It has been vital having Allies in Biz as a resource. 

Looking at it from a Time-Investment viewpoint, I was thrilled with it.  The majority of my time was centered around getting the refreshments and coordinating all the staff that I needed at the office for the event.  Beyond that I had no time at all to dedicate to the event.  Having Phyllis and Celeste spearheading the promotion, marketing, and flow of the event was essential. 

Analyzing it from a Financial-Investment viewpoint, I also am very happy with the success.  The annual membership to Allies in Biz was more than I invested in the event, of course with the wine being the most costly and only costing $40, that was money well worth it.  I honestly don't know where else you could get this event for a lesser investment and such a huge return.

Since the event I have had 5 New Patients schedule for services at my office, 2 additional appointments for our HCG weight loss plan, and I am confident that these are just the tip of the iceberg regarding how many people I will be able to help from this Prime Time event.

I look forward to other business Prime Time events and I am confident that EVERY business should have Allies in Biz as a resource and part of their marketing plan.

Thanks wonderful Allies In Biz!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

What really is an ALLERGY?

An allergy is defined as a condition of unusual sensitivity of one individual towards one or more substances which may be harmless or even beneficial to a majority of other individuals.  Any substance is capable of producing a reaction.  A reaction of 30% or less is considered mild reaction.

Allergic reactions can cause changes to various molecules in the body that can be measured.  In a reaction that is more than mild, the immune mediator IgG becomes elevated but the IgE does not elevate.  A true allergy is when IgE is elevated.  When a person gets allergy testing completed with blood analysis, the majority of testing is based on IgG and IgE levels with different possible allergens.

So what kinds of things can cause an allergic reaction?
  • Toxins from food, bacteria, fungus, virus, neurotoxins, msg, radiation, etc.
  • Post-Injuries, accidents, surgery
  • Genetically transmitted sources:  Inherited allergies from past family generations
  • Deficiency and malabsorption disorders
  • Emotional traumas

So an allergy is much more than coughs, sneezes, and rashes... although that is usually what you think of.  Allergy can present as headaches, irritable bowel issues, eczema, chronic sinus drainage, diarrhea, vomiting, poor concentration, and much more.

Acute allergies occur soon after exposure to the allergen, possibly within minutes.
Low levels allergies can occur days after exposure... such as low level food allergies or headaches.

What is the weirdest symptom that you have experienced?  Do you know what caused it?