Thursday, December 22, 2011


In my 35 years of roaming the earth, I have found that there are two types of workers out there.  Those that are passionate about what they do and those that are not.  Take, for example, the differences in Chiropractors.  There are those that have a passion "to do,to give, to love, and to serve"  and then there are those that do it as a job.  While there is nothing preventing people from being Chiropractors for the all-mighty dollar, I find it difficult to understand how one can balance the focus required to help a person heal with the desire to make money.  When every derivative of what a doctor provides for that person has an undertone of 'what will I be able to bill insurance?  how much money can I make from this?'.... it begs me to ask 'are you offering this for the money or does the patient really need this?'  I see this in most every profession in one way or another, so that is why I believe that passion for what you do makes a huge impact on why and how you do it.  If you lead with your heart, then the financial security will come.  If you lead with George Washington, you will always be tethered to it.  My secret ingredient today is passion.