Thursday, November 14, 2013

Electro-Acupressure for weight loss

Cutting the Cravings and weight loss with Electro-Acupressure

If you’re reading this, I bet you have tried just about everything out there to get the weight off. You’ve tried all the fad diets and had some success… but the pounds came back within a few months and an extra few were added on. Why not try a different approach then.
For over 5000 years, the Chinese have known that acupuncture has the power to heal and can offer an alternative care for a variety of health-related challenges. It is well known for effectively treating a long list of conditions and can work wonders on pain-related ailments. The problem lies in that there are many people who cannot stand the thought of needles penetrating their skin, even if they are tiny usually cannot be felt. For those patients, this is a less invasive form of the same treatment. And yes, it can help with weight loss.

What is Electro – Acupressure? How can it help with weight loss? 
Electro-acupressure is very similar to acupuncture, except that hands, fingers and an electrical stimulation device are used in place of needles. The principles are the same in that the goal is still to unblock certain pressure points (acupoints) along the 14 meridian lines of the body; there are about 365 meridian points. This restores the natural flow of blood, fluids and energy that runs through a person and in turn promotes healing and wellbeing. Acupressure works on multiple levels. Along with relieving physical symptoms and ailments this treatment also promotes mental and emotional health. With electro-acupressure, endorphins, mood elevating chemicals) are released into the bloodstream. This affects the hormonal and digestive systems; this helps to increase and re-balance the body metabolism. Emotional eaters tend to get cravings when stressed, so when the anxieties and frustrations are removed, people do not feel compelled to eat. That’s what electro-acupressure essentially does: it speeds up your metabolism and eliminates the anxious feelings that trigger your food cravings, which result in weight loss.

Are there acupressure points that I can do at home to accelerate the electro-acupressure treatments? 
Yes, there are 6 points that can be beneficial to do at home, especially in decreasing cravings.
1. Earlobe - just beneath your earlobe, where the skin of the ear is connected to the jaw. Massaging this point for several minutes before eating can reduce appetite and hunger.
2. Knee - Sit with one knee crossed over the other. Place four fingers of your right hand on the upper leg, just beneath the kneecap. With the index finger of the other hand, locate the stomach pressure point on the shin, just below the small fingernail of your right hand. This point represents the stomach, and by pressing it you can decrease your appetite.
3. Upper Lip - located between the upper lip and the nose. Place your thumb under your upper lip, and your index finger on the outside. Massage for a few minutes to decrease your appetite.
4. Calf – Found in the fattest part of your calf. Massaging this point and applying pressure by pressing the point with your middle finger can decrease appetite.
5. Inner Knee - At the center of the crease behind your knee is another appetite control point that can be manipulated discreetly for those times when massaging your ears or face is not appropriate.
6. Palm:
    a. Fleshy part of your palm for appetite suppression and weight control
    b. Area just below your thumb for thyroid health; this will stimulate the thyroid and increase your  metabolism
    c. Fleshy pad, toward the wrist, and continue massaging to stimulate the pancreas. This will help regulate insulin production and keep your blood-sugar levels steady.

Is it Safe? Yes, it is generally safe. People with heart conditions should avoid it, though. Side-effects are very rarely experienced but can include dizziness, soreness, and slight bruising. Overall, electro – acupressure is very effective for craving control and weight loss, and offers many health benefits.