Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How many Apples a Day to Keep the Doctor Away?

Your Nutrition has gaps, big gaps.

More and more studies are finding that an apple today has significantly less nutritional value than it did 50 years ago.   
Some say 1/10th, some say 1/30th, and there are those that say it would take 50 apples today to equal the same nutrition as one apple in 1950 had.  So what are the possible causes?  Crops planted too close together, improper crop rotation, over-fertilization, genetic modification of food (bigger, brighter, resistant to more bugs), etc.  The list can go on and on. 

So why is that important to you? 

Say you do the right thing, and eat an apple a day. 

  • With less vitamins and minerals in that apple, when your body digests that apple into chemicals your body uses, you are getting less building blocks for your body to build new healthy cells. 
  • The less healthy cells you can make, the more time elapses before the diseased, broken, and old cells can be replaced. 
  • The longer the diseased, broken, and old cells are in your body, the longer they can damage your body. 
  • The more damage your body sustains on a cellular level, the more susceptible you are to diseases wreaking havoc on your body and causing illness.
  • The more illness you have the less time you have before your body gives out, not to mention the reduction in quality of life.

What I am saying is that “an apple a day to keep the doctor away” is nowhere close to enough nutrition for your body.  So you have two options, you can eat 10-50 times the amount of fruits and vegetables that you are currently eating (highly difficult and enormously expensive) or you can use supplements to fill in the gaps in nutrition.  Now a word to the wise with supplementation, if you are trying to replace whole-food nutritional deficiencies, using a synthetic multivitamin is not the best choice. 

I look at vitamins like I look at cars.  
If you take a new car, running beautifully, and disassemble it down to the nuts and bolts and then reassemble it, the car will never run as good as it did before you disassembled it.  The same is true for nutrition, if you get a well-functioning food, strip it down to it’s building blocks, then put it back together, the highly valuable natural organization and orientation is lost.  Your body knows how to use nutrition in it’s natural state, it does not know how to absorb synthetic nutrition.  That is why you have to take 3000% Vitamin C in synthetic form to absorb a recommended daily amount. 

That is why whole-food nutritional supplementation is necessary.  And that is why I recommend Juice Plus.  I have been a personal user since 1995 and when I moved to Nashville, I did not have anyone to refer my patients to, so I became a distributor in 2012. Juice Plus Published Clinical Research        


I believe your health is the best investment you can make, for yourself to live a better quality of life, for your family by investing in their healthy future, for your boss who will have less sick days from you, and for everyone whose life you affect, because a healthier you, via the butterfly effect, can positively affect the world you live in.